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We understand that every pet is different. Request a pricing Quote, and we will design a pet-sitting plan that meets your pet’s needs.

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Picture of a dog and his dog walker Pet Sitting Prices

Dog Walk Prices

Brisk or Leisurely

$23 – 30 minutes
$27 – 45 minutes
$32 – 60 minutes

*$2 off per visit for 4+ day a week booking

Dog and Cat Pet Sitting Prices

Drop In Visits Prices

Walk or Play, Feeding, Clean Water, Litter Care

$23 – 30 Minutes
$27 – 45 Minutes
$32 – 60 Minutes


Dog Pet Sitting Prices

Taxi to Vet, Doggy Daycare, or Groomer

Taxi to your Vet, Doggy Daycare, or Groomer.

$28 – 30 Minutes
$35 – 45 Minutes
$40 – 60 Minutes
$45 – 90 Minutes

$15 for each additional 30 minutes


A picture of a dog cuddling with a pet sitter, pet sitting prices

Overnight Pet Sitting Prices

Includes a minimum 10-hour overnight stay 9 pm-7 am, breakfast, morning walk or play, and bedtime walk or cuddles.

$90 – per night

$20 – per additional 30 min. visit

$25 – per additional 45 min. visit

$30 – per additional 60 min. visit
Includes mail retrieval, taking out the trash, and pet meals

Cats snuggling, pet sitting prices

Almost Overnight Prices

Pets receive extra love, cuddles, and a
one hour nighttime tuck-in.
-30 Minute Visit Option-
(Includes one hour bedtime visit)
$78 –  3 visits
$101 – 4 visits
Includes mail retrieval, taking out the trash, and pet meals
Nail trim prices

Nail Trims (In Home) Prices

Meet your Fear Free Certified Groomer – Alyson

With 10+ years as a groomer, your pets are sure to appreciate her experience and the calm manner she presents to each of her clients.

$25 for the first pet

$20 for each additional dog

$10 for each additional cat


Additional Charges

  • $15 – Meet & Greet
    Paid directly to the sitter

Holiday Rates

  • $15 / day – Visits & Walks
  • $25 / night – Overnights
  • *100% Paid to the sitter

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day